Remedium Systems


Lowering the cost of IT, adding value through systems integration, automation, and the creation of meaningful data.  Differentiating ourselves through excellent service.


Who we are

We can make your systems and data do anything

We are a systems engineering company located in downtown Iowa City who is entirely focused on providing excellent service and technologies. We lower the cost of core IT services, hardware and data storage and we create advanced automated systems that save our clients time and money and prevent business downtime.

Our team members average more than 15 years of experience deploying technologies and developing software solutions.

Systems Integration & Automation

Bringing platforms and data together, creating meaningful data.

Syncing data, removing redundancy, automating systems and data entry, adding value to existing data, creating visual dashboards.

Utilizing automation to create reoccurring reports, data checks, and removing duplicate data entry; freeing up resources.

Creating visual dashboards that bring transparency to organizational trends.

We can adapt your existing systems to perform how you wish they would.

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Business IT Services

IT services are necessary for all organizations. While many view this as a sunk cost, we focus on adding value through excellent service and lowering the cost of services that are required to ensure; network security, data protection, disaster recovery, communication infrastructure, and support.

We dedicate the same team member each time your organization needs support, which eliminates the learning curve and burden on the organization's controller.

We give unbiased advice and take issues off your hands, giving you confidence in the state of your network and data.

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No Obligation Network or System Evaluation

Curious about the state of your network, data security or system efficiency? Remedium Systems provides no cost, no obligation evaluations which give you detailed reports and resolution plans.


Live sample Dashboard

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What we can do for you

Do you have systems that cannot talk or sync with each other? We develop database and automated syncing solutions to remove duplicate tasks, and automate data entry.

Does your organization have repetitive processes or reports? We can automate that not only freeing up your employees' time for other tasks and eliminating hiring or acquiring additional resources, but also eliminating computational and formatting errors.  What takes hours can be completed in seconds.

Are you running an antiquated system and need to migrate to something more modern? We are data experts, we can synthesize solutions that extract data, build new systems, or migrate to leading software brands with modern architecture.

Do you need a portal or dashboard for your clients to interact with, or upload data securely? We have many secure, reliable solutions available to present data or visuals to your clients, and to transfer data securely.

Does your current system force your to compromise your workflow? We can develop features within your existing system merge your system with additional software or develop your ideal platform.

Are you tired of inexperienced, new faces coming out each time your network has an issue?  All of our team members have many years of experience and that same person will come out each time you have issues.

Are disruptions in your network, workflow, data protection, communications or IT services occurring? We have clients that can never go down or experience even minor interruptions, and we have the experience to deploy technologies which help eliminate loss of productivity and the headaches of tech support.

We guarantee that we can save you money, synchronize your systems, increase your efficiency and bring transparent visuals to your data.