Business IT Services

Our IT services goals are simple:

  1. To provide excellent service with unbiased advise, acting in your organizations best interests.
  2. Lower the cost of required hardware and software while deploying the best solutions available.

We work with all types of systems and technologies, below are a few of the primary areas. However, if you are looking for an additional type of service just ask!

On the fence about contacting us? We promise a no pressure, no obligation experience. We are engineers, not sales! 

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From ransomware to network probing, corporate networks are constantly being targeted. We implement multiple layers of defense against threats, both originating internally and externally.

We perform and implement: Network and PCI audits, security compliance audits, content filtering, managed antivirus, intrusion prevention, botnet filtering, and  application controls.

We are particularly mindful of ransomware prevention: implementing both definition and behavior based anti-ransomware protection.


Our job is to deploy, maintain and secure your; systems, software, and data.  Giving you confidence and peace of mind.

We implement:

  • Offsite backup and replication
  • Data archiving of entire systems, and on a granular level
  • Recovery assurance (recovery/restore, and testing reports)
  • Hardware redundancy, eliminating single points of failure

We ensure continuity and actively protect against disasters.


    • Creating all-encompassing cloud based networks to replace physical infrastructure
    • Hyper-V and VMware deployment, migrations, and maintenance
    • Hosted applications, extending your network through cloud solutions such as AWS and Azure
    • Server upgrades, software and hardware maintenance, license management
    • Redundant, high-availability solutions, preventing downtime
    • Network infrastructure, design, maintenance and monitoring
    • E-mail systems, both locally and hosted
    • VPN and virtual office solutions, connecting sites and remote workers securely
    • Redundant connections, aggregating lines to increase throughput
    • Integrated firewalls, antivirus, and content filtering systems (UTM)
    • Heartbeat to keep data encrypted if stolen from the network
    • Security consulting to assess risks and outline solutions
    • Wireless system deployment and maintenance
    • Network surveys to eliminate overlap, band interference and dead-zones


    Our solutions and support are not just limited to Microsoft systems.  Our staff has members specializing in Mac Systems.  Whether you have an Apple server environment that needs maintained, secured, upgraded, or have a MacBook or desktop that needs support, we have the people to cover it.


    Traditional and VOIP Solutions -  There is no one size fits all phone solution, we evaluate your needs and workflow to make a recommendation accordingly. We will work with upgrading from legacy systems or adding services to your existing system.  If you have an existing VOIP system, we provide consulting on improving performance and the quality of service.

    VOIP is not a fit for every circumstance, however, VOIP benefits include:

    • Simplified call routing and forwarding, protecting against internet outages and snow days
    • Reduction in the cost of long distance calling
    • Phone at your desk, with a softphone on your laptop and mobile phone
    • Conferencing as an integrated function
    • Video conferencing phones 
    • Company phones can moved and reached on extension anywhere in the world