Systems Integration & Automation

We can make your systems and data do anything.

We believe the most important components of any organization is their people and their data. Our aim is to maximize the productive use of your team members' time, and to derive the full value from your data.

Unlike IT support which is measured in terms of downtime prevented and accessibility of data, systems integration and automation can be measured in time and money saved as well as resources gained.

Each project we undertake can be measured via ROI and prioritized by maximum benefit to your organization.

Examples of Current Client Projects

Manufacturing: Automating invoice processing, quoting, inventory, job/employee scheduling and integrating with accounting and CRM.  Production app creation.

Healthcare: Securely syncing data between different provider networks, pulling data from dissimilar systems, eliminating the need for patients and providers to have to enter the same data in multiple areas. 

Providing data integrity by ensuring critical data checks are carried out. Running automated network wide security analysis.

Franchise POS: Automating data aggregation, pulling data from multiple locations into portals to analyze product performance, employee performance and trends.

Financial Systems: Creating secure client portals that trigger information dissemination, report creation, data movement, as well as consistency and security checks.

Rental & Hospitality: Creating tenant portals to track signed agreements, payments, and forms. Bringing insight to guests behavior, financial status and purchasing opportunities.


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We will explorer how we can be a good fit for your organization. As always, we promise a no pressure sales experience and provide a no cost, no obligation evaluation, and proof of concept projects.

Systems Integration

Removing Redundancy

Systems that do not synchronize with one another lead to wasted time re-entering data.

By bringing platforms and data together, either through back-end integration, or interface with systems only accessible through portals.

We can securely tie together your cloud hosted systems with your on-premises applications. Taking advantage of on-premises low latency and control, and pairing it with cloud's high availability.

Creating Meaningful Data

We bring platforms and data together, creating meaningful data, dashboards and opportunities.

We can create visual dashboards for your data. Bringing transparency to trends and coorelations, disseminating information to employees and customers.

We can maximize opportunities through client data such as: engaging current clients, and re-engaging past clients and leads.


Systems Automation

Data & Process Automation

We can automate data entry, order processing, dispatch systems, patient information entry and many more.

We utilize automation sequences to reduce processes such as quoting, inventory allocation and material ordering.

We can automate reoccurring reports, data checks, and removing duplicate data entry. Allowing for error free, fast reports that open up both your physical and employee resources.

We can adapt and further develop your existing systems to perform exactly how you wish they would.

We create secure client portals that contain process triggering informing clients when information is available or when clients deliver data.

Network Automation

We can automate network performance monitoring, triggering sequential events.

Do you have additional servers spun up to compensate for heavy usage? It can be automated.

Do you need fail-overs triggered in the event of a disruption? It can be instantaneous.

Do you need reports run that concatenate dissimilar systems output?

Do you have multiple retail locations where POS systems do not report to your central office?  We can pull all that information together and display it in a portal, an app, or a single report.